Embed Instagram tool which let you to add Instagram videos to site

Instagram is the most innovative social networking multimedia sharing tool available today. With the introduction of 15 second video support within the service it became even more effective and popular. So how to embed Instagram videos? here embed Instagram tool.

embed Instagram toolInstagram service dominated in the internet with 130 million active users. This social networking tool helps us to find and share stunning multimedia contents from social media. So sometimes we wish to embed some of those contents within our websites or blog post. Embed Instagram is an innovative tool that allow us to add Instagram videos to our sites. It was created by popular Indian blogger Amit Agarwal.

How to embed Instagram videos using embed Instagram tool

  • Copy the URL of the desired multimedia content from the Instagram.
  • Access embed Instagram tool.
  • Paste the copied URL in the specified box.
  • Click on generate embed code.

Embed InstagramIt is to be noted that the default size of photos and videos of Instagram is 612*612 pixels. But the users can change the size through the embed code to make them fit with the desired site template. Using this innovative tool you can embed any Instagram photos or videos to your site within few minutes.

Embed Instagram tool is developed through using HTML5 video tags. So that the embed videos can play through the modern web browsers without having the support of external plugins. It also can be playback within modern mobile devices.

As the embed code of Instagram videos uses direct URL to MP4 files this tool also let you to download those videos. The only thing you have to do is right click and hit on save to your system. You can also send it to Google Drive for secured storage of the file. The developer himself suggested that it is important to check the permission of creator before you embed their contents.