Election Day 2009 Israel Google Doodle

On Israeli Election Day 2009 Google published a doodle in the homepage landed over there. It was on February 10th election held in Israel in the year 2009. Google doodle also included things indicating voting and election in it.

Election Day 2009 Israel Google Doodle
Election Day 2009 Israel Google Doodle (February 10, 2009)

Israel is the country which has got great importance.  Election is the procedure by which they choose their administrative authorities for the better and well-functioning of government. Apart from voting for a particular person it’s for the political party’s people vote in Israel.

After the election seats are distributed among the parties considering the vote they get during the election procedure. Election takes place in every four year. Every individual who enter in to the age of 21 have the right to vote. In all democratic countries election is conducted in a time interval of 4 to 5 years choose the governing bodies.

Israel is the birth place of many prominent people including scientist, artists and mathematicians. In fact there is a great importance for Israel in world history.

There are many places in Israel with great historical importance and that attracts tourist all over the world. Jerusalem in Israel is one of the important place for the believers of Christianity.

Apart from Jerusalem Tel Aviv, Holon, Haifa and Netayana some other places which has got great importance. In the year 2009 it was the eighteenth Knesset took place. There were 43 parities in the election registration and 33 of them took part in the entire election procedures by posting candidate lists.

Kadima party got maximum vote in the election winning 22.47% votes. Likud is the second party for winning maximum votes. With Election Day 2009 Israel Google Doodle announced the election to the country and insisted every citizen to do their right to vote.