Celebrating 193rd El Salvador Independence Day with Google Doodle on 15 September

El Salvador along with Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras is celebrating Independence Day today. Google on the occasion changed the logo on homepage to mark 193rd Independence Day.

El Salvador Independence Day Google  Doodle
El Salvador Independence Day Google Doodle(September 15, 2014)

Google Doodle for El Salvador Independence Day 2014 includes dish prepared on the day. Colors in National flag of El Salvador is included to design logo alphabets in doodle. El Salvador Independence Day search link will be listed clicking on doodle.

Similar Google doodle is published on Google homepage of Guatemala and Costa Rica for their Independence Day celebration. In Nicaragua Independence Day doodle on the same day Google included National flower on the homepage. September 15 is day of Celebration in central America.

El Salvador Independence Day

El Salvador, the smallest and densely populated Central American country celebrates Independence Day every year on 15 September to mark the day in history when they gained Independence from Spain. It’s in 1821, El Salvador official the Republic of El Salvador gained Independence after 300 years of Spanish rule.

Since then country got great transformation and today El Salvador is one of the best growing countries in America in terms of human development and industrialization.

Independence Day celebrations starts in El Salvador along with other Central American countries in beginning of the month of September. Schools, offices and houses will be decorated with flags and flag colors to celebrate the freedom. National Anthem, parades and fireworks makes up days celebration.

El Salvador has got Independence Day doodles in previous years also. This years Google Doodle also add colors to celebration. Its a holiday, people come and join with family and friends to celebrate. Outings and public gatherings are common program of the day. Parades lasts through out the day in various places, thousands of students participate in Parades around the nation.

Happy Independence Day El Salvador .