Einstein’s God letter goes for auction in eBay

Some legends are never gone out of our memories because of their divine attitude and innovative inventions changed our life. Albert Einstein is such a legend of legends the German physicist who changed the world through his powerful invention such as theory of relativity and mass energy relation. Now Einstein’s God letter goes for auction in eBayEinstein’s God letter goes for auction in eBay

Albert Einstein was known as the father of modern physics because he made that much influence on that filed. Einstein honored with Nobel Prize for his achievement and discovery of photo electric effect. The mass-energy relation of Einstein E=mc2 is known as the most famous science equation in tech field. Everyone around the world including today’s famous scientists most admired for this legendary scientist and wish for to follow him in all ways.

When the tech giant Apple made an iPad application which is on the basis of Einstein’s brain system it is became the most valuable I application of Apple. Now eBay made a big break through by making an auction on Einstein’s ‘God letter’. It is letter about his personal life attitudes and Judaism. The letter was written in 1954 that is one year before his death.

The letter is tag such as ‘God letter’ because it is reveals his believes of the legend about the supreme power and about Jewish religion concepts. In the ‘God letter’ he says “for me god is nothing but an expression that coming from human weakness.

The letter also reveals about his personal life. The auction will start from 9th October and ends on 19th. The starting rate of this auction is $3 million. The auction will conduct in popular E-commerce site eBay.