Experience top view of Eiffel tower with Google Maps

Google Maps street view imagery always helps us to explore the wonder sceneries of the world. Now experience the top view of Eiffel tower with Google Maps, helps you to explore the amazing view of one of the wonders of the world.

Eiffel tower with Google MapsEiffel tower is the most visited monument globally. It counts 7 million visitors for this world wonder in every year. It is also to be noted that Eiffel Tower remains  as the world’s highest monument for 40 years, now that title hold by Burj Ghalifa. For those who wished to visit the world wonder Eiffel Tower again and the people who never see this monument got a chance to make a virtual visit with Google Maps. The top view of Eiffel tower with Google Maps surely provides a new visual experience to you.

Google and Eifel tower operating company team up to create the amazing imagery for the web users in last year. With the use of Google Maps trolley the filmed 360 degree view of Eiffel tower from various floors. The  top view of Eiffel tower with Google Maps also brings the beauty of entire city for you.top view of Eiffel tower

Other than modern panoramic images of Eiffel tower Google also brings the users images, plans and drawing of development of this tower since 19th century. You can also follow through the step by step construction of Eiffel tower with Google Maps. It gives clear development idea about the Paris wonder.

Google provides inauguration and first visitor to Eiffel tower in the new map updation. It surely becomes an amazing experience to witness the background of 19th century at this time. You can also experience the top view of Eiffel tower with Google Maps. The new arrow key button and mouse direction makes the slide transitions and animation engaging much effective.eiffel tower developement

We recently encountered with the sky view of Burj Khalifa in Google Maps. The new panoramic images of top view of Eiffel Tower make similar experience to the users. Other than previous imageries this time Google includes all possible datas about the exploring place. Other than making a virtual tour experience to the top of Eiffel power Google helps to make us knowledgeful about this wonder monument.