India ranked second in educational search

With new Google survey India ranked second across the globe in Search queries related to education. Four years ago India ranked 8. Now the country is just behind of U.S. It is revealed that most of students depends Google as primary source for their educational search.

educational search

These results are announced through Google Zeitgeist 2012. From India there are more than 60 million internet users aged between 18 to 35. With the survey regarding internet impact it is clear that educational search queries exploding in Google. Educational search queries are growing at 45% more than that of previous year and it will increase rapidly day by day.

This will highlight that strong demand for education and information impact on people in the country. From total search queries more than 50% is from higher institutions. In previous years most of internet users access web through PC stub now most of search quires coming out from mobiles and it will increase more than 135 percent. From course related search out of 100 up to 44 percentage look up for IT 40 percentage for engineering and remaining for postgraduates and MBA courses.

This will reviles the strong passion for education in the country. In educational related search students looks up for placement faculty course content and reputation the institution. The survey also show up students make deep searches for finalizing the institution. Students also used video contents for their studies. Most of them are access videos from institutional sites. The survey point outs in what way the people are used the internet and what the popularity liked for in a country.