Google’s Edgar Valter 84th Birthday doodle with Pokus

Estonian writer and children books author these are the areas in which Valter was famous. His most creative work was ‘Pokuraamat’. Google doodle on Edgar Valter 84th Birthday was a reflection of his first work Pokuraamat. Doodle consisted of pictures of pokus in a place covered with green grasses and mountains.

Edgar Valter 84th Birthday doodle
Edgar Valter 84th Birthday (September 21, 2012)
Edgar Valter
Edgar Valter(1929-2006)
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The greenish background on Edgar Valter 84th Birthday doodle added beauty it. Pokus with their long hair reaching the feet symbolizes the need for living in harmony with nature in the story. In every aspect the Google doodle is successful in presenting the specialty of day.

Edgar Valter is a writer who had more than 55 books in his name. He was born on 21st September 1929. His method of writing the stories and satires are very much different from other writers. In all his stories he created characters which were accepted by children as their friends. He began his career as a freelance writer in 1950. He worked as a writer in many of the magazines at that time.  Through his works he tried to give good messages to the society.

Edgar Valter
Edgar Valter finished 70th Shape jubilee(Making Puppets)

His first book ‘Pokuraamat’ was a great success. The main message Edgar spread Pokuraamat was that we must live in harmony with nature. Poku book won the main prize in design competition for books for children. It also got the award for juvenile literature in 1995.It was also nominated for IBBY book honor in 1996. In 1991 Edgar Valter got the award Meie Mats.

Some of his famous books are Minu pere ja mud loomad ,Asustatud saar, Sipsik ,Bumpy ,Arabella ,Agu Shivka Annab aru ,Nublu,Marri’s Summer ,Roostevaba mook  and so on. Most of his works are widely accepted all over the world. Google also recognized his fame all across and that resulted in honoring him with this special doodle on Edgar Valter 84th Birthday. He was died on 4th March 2006.