Earth Day Google Doodle 2003

Earth Day was celebrated on 21st April in the year on 2003. Earth is the only planet where human beings live. So it is very important to know what is happening to our Mother Earth. Earth Day is celebrated every year to make people aware about what is happening to our Earth.

Earth Day Google Doodle 2003
Earth Day(April 21, 2003)

Google also took part in the celebration of Earth Day this year by releasing a special doodle on its homepage in this day. Doodle included pictures of aliens, earth and it’s designed as the doodle is placed on the outer space atmosphere. The placement of Aliens on the top of Google letter ‘g’ looking the earth gave a comic look to the Earth Day Google Doodle 2003. The outer space picture in the doodle with cracks and holes gave a special scenic beauty to the doodle.

John McConnell was the first one who put forward the idea of Earth Day celebration. It was in a UNESCO conference at San Francisco he expressed his thoughts on this. Name for this day was also suggested by him. The date for the Earth Day celebration was another at the initial years. Now more than 175 countries jointly celebrate the day to protect and spread awareness of earth.

Most of the countries organize many programs on that day to make world aware about the need for protection of earth. Seminars, symposiums and exhibitions are arranged all over to spread the message of clean and clear environment for better living.

Earth Day
Earth Day[ Image Credit]
Healthy earth is necessary for healthy living. The activities which spoil the peaceful life on earth are increasing day by day. Today everywhere we can see pollution, deforestation, soil mining and other harmful activities. The output of these activities will be earthquake, flood and other natural disasters.

So the time has reached to join the hands and work for the good of earth. Some countries celebrate the entire week as earth week and arrange a wide variety of programs. Schools and colleges also participate in the celebrations by organizing essay competitions, paper presentations and rallies.

Apart from John McConnell there are many others Denis Hayes, Gaylord Nelson, Edward Furia and Austard Librach who came up with the thought of Earth Day celebrations. Cruelty and attacks towards the earth has to be completely abolished. Each and every one should take an ought that they will never do anything that harm earth.

Through this special doodle in its homepage Google is doing their duty of spreading the awareness for clean earth for better living. So join together and work united for building a better earth which is free from all pollution. “Good earth means good life” , Hope that we will have a safe and secure earth within few years.