Animals wishes Earth Day 2014 through Google Doodle

Google published animated Doodle for celebrating Earth day 2014. The Doodle features number of different species of animals.

earth day 2014 google doodle
Earth Day 2014 Google Doodle (22nd April, 2014)

Earth day 2014 Doodle includes Dung beetle, Japanese Macaque, Veiled chameleon, Moon jellyfish, Rufous hummingbird and Puffer fish. Each species of animals appeared on this Google Doodle with reflection of environment they are used to live in.


Every animals appears within position of first and second ‘O’ of official Google logo. Through this Google tries to shows off animals role in balancing the system of nature by considering ‘O’ letter as planet Earth.

Every year on 22nd April people from 190 countries celebrates Earth day by conducting different events, to protect the living planet from all threats. Earth day 2014 focused for green cities, as rate of migration of people to cities increases every year.

The green cities theme of Earth day 2014 is to maintain balance in climate of environment. So it is the duty of every single individual in this planet to make public awareness, making investments in sustainable technologies, growing plants, cleaning surroundings…Etc to protect the mother Earth.