Animated Earth Day 2013 Google Doodle

On the Earth Day of 2013 Google came up with a special dynamic doodle in the home page. Thedoodle seems to be the best Earth day doodle by Google which was released till this time.

Animated Earth Day 2013 Google Doodle By this special doodle on Earth Day Google is making world aware of the after effects of Global warming at the same time they have included the climatic conditions in the earth during day and night of all the seasons. You can see a play button in the Animated Earth Day 2013 Google Doodle which will make you fly through a variety of climatic condition.

The doodle designer have included the logo alphabets in a different style in the doodle by using nature, landscapes and small creatures that lives on the earth. The significance of protection of earth and earth day is clearly reflected in the doodle by translating the beauty of earth in it.

In the doodle we can see the changes in the beautiful landscape in the image due to changing seasons. There is a great need for making people aware of the need for protection of earth and we can blindly say that by this doodle Google have done their part.

By seeing this doodle in the Google homepage a common man will at least spent a few seconds to think about what he can do to protect earth. Every Earth Day celebrations were special and involved with lots of activities for the protection of earth.

The awareness for protection of the planet that we live is very important in this era because as per the theories conducted by the researches it tells that, if the situations are going in this way  life in this planet will be impossible with in few years due global warming and other environmental pollutions.

Today we can see that government and other people are taking initiatives to make the people understand this fact. Earth Day is celebrated with great importance all across the world. Many special competitions including speeches, painting competitions, essay competitions will take place in this day all over on the topic Earth and life in earth.

Google also took part in making people know the importance of the mother earth and its protection in their style by publishing this beautiful dynamic doodle in the home page on April 22, the day specially dedicated for Earth. So on this earth day we can also join Google and make Earth protected from all environmental pollutions by taking ought that we will not do any harmful activities which spoils the life in earth.