Earth Day 2007 Google Doodle

On every Earth Day Google prepares special doodles to gift the followers. All the doodles that come in its homepage on Earth Day reflects the beauty and charm of the earth we live.

Earth Day 2007 Google Doodle
Earth Day 2007(April 22, 2007)

In the year 2007 was also a very beautiful doodle was published in the home page of Google which included water, glacier and ice. The total outlook of the doodle was different and new. Google logo colors was entirely substitutes with white and blue. The design of the doodle was as if the Google logo is places in the water.

The blue shade given to the water make the doodle attracted by everyone in the first look to it. In the Earth Day 2007 Google Doodle we can see the logo alphabets written as the iceberg that stands inside the dark blue sea. The doodle show us a seen of polar region with iceberg in a deep clear sea. Here in the doodle we can see many shades of blue color. One shade of blue is used to design the upper sea portion which is lighter from the one which is used to design the deeper part of sea.

By this doodle Google showed that there are many beautiful things in nature that we have to protect and care. Earth is incomplete without human beings. It’s the duty of human to protect the earth which give us the fresh air, food, water and whatever else we want to be happy.

If earth provides all these to us then why can’t we do a simple thing to protect it from cruel hands of human itself? Yes, for saving our Mother earth from all kinds of activities that harms earth each and every individual must come forward. Everyone should make awareness first to their own mind and then to people living around the value of earth.

Earth Day 2007
Earth Day
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Activities to spread awareness about the protection of earth is increasing day by day. We can see many seminars, speeches and other competitions on Earth Day every year. Mainly programs will be conducted from school level to college level. It’s the youth who must come and work in front to protect earth. World is what we make it so it will be good if we are doing well to it and it will be bad if we are spoiling it.

Now in the 20th century we tell that world have be advanced in the area of technology and science but we can see that we are going through many problems like shortage of water, electricity and fresh air. If the condition go on like this earth will be a planet where life will not be existing by the year 2020. The reason for all these human itself.

Though people say we are developed in many areas we can see that world had gone far done in humanity and love. Protection of earth can be started initially from the thought that world is for everyone it is not yours so you have to do your duties in protecting the earth from all harmful activities.

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