Earth Day 2006 doodle by Google on April 21

Day by day Earth’s environment is exposed to changes and is suffering with lot of unhealthy activities. Due to this activities by us the environment balance of the Earth is becoming upset. To give awareness of this Earth Day 2006 Google doodle was released by Google.

earth day 2006 doodle
Earth Day 2006 doodle (April 21, 2006)

Every year Google releases special doodles on the occasion of Earth Day.Google released a Earth Day 2006 doodle on April 21st. The doodle postured the Eco-friendly arrangements for the sake of Earth.

Earth Day is celebrated globally on 22nd April to spread awareness among people about the importance to preserve our Earth. The idea for conducting this special day is introduced by John McConnel in 1969 a conference held by UNESCO in San Francisco. He also fixed the date for the celebration also. It was declared as first day of spring in the northern hemisphere i.e. March 21 in 1979.

The modern day celebration of Earth Day on 22nd April was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson in environmental teach-in that was held for first time on April 22 in United States in 1970. Initially the Earth Day was only observed in United States only. Later Earth day was organized by an organization launched by Denis Hayes and was the first national organizer of Earth Day.

After seeing the oil – spill in Santa Barbara in 1969 and the inspiration from student anti-war movement Denis Hayes. With the participation of about 20 million people the event was huge success. This was the start of the Earth Day celebration. Now this is turned in to a global event participating 500 million people in 175 different countries.

As time progress the importance of the Earth Day celebration is becoming greater. It was organized in 143 countries and it became an international event in 1990. On the occasion of earth Day people and organizations conduct the awareness programs.

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