Earth Day 2005 Google Doodle with tree and life

Earth Day is celebrated every year to make the world know what the present condition of the planet they live is. Earth is the only place where life is possible. So it’s our duty to protect the earth.

Earth Day 2005 Google Doodle
Earth Day 2005(April 22, 2005)

Google used to come up with special doodles on every Earth Day. Similarly in the year 2005 also they came up with a beautiful one. It was the doodle which makes man realizes the fact that earth is not only for human beings other living creatures have equal rights on earth.Google  Doodle included the pictures of small birds, birds nest, squirrel and tress. Addition of these figures made it colorful. In the doodle logo letter ‘l’ is replaced with the figure of a tree with green leaves.

Google conveyed the message that along with the human beings the care should be also taken to protect these creatures which make the world beautiful and worth for living with Earth Day 2005 Google Doodle .

Earth makes life possible in the world. So it’s our duty to make sure that the activities which spoil the earth’s equilibrium are banned. Now the cruelty towards earth is increasing day by day. Human beings must wake up and fight against the activities like deforestation, soil mining, pollution and killing of wildlife. Though there are many organizations working for the good of earth we were not able to attain a complete solution against the activities which harm earth.

Earth Day
Earth Day
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Clean and healthy earth will be only possible if each and every think that he or she will not do anything which harms the mother earth. If it had been made possible at least our next generation will be able to live a peaceful life. It’s the activities which spoil the equilibrium of earth which leads to the wild disasters like earthquake, soil erosion, flood and hurricanes.

Earth Day celebration lasts from days to weeks in many countries. Various special programs are arranged by the government and other official authorities to spread the message of protection of earth. If the condition is similar to today life will not be possible on earth with in few years. Activities like deforestation made the temperature on earth to increase beyond a drastic level now. So the condition will be worse after few years.

It’s the right time to wake up and start our duty to save our earth. I think the world had realized this and now the celebrations and observance of this day have changed its modes. In the past years the main activities on this day ended with theoretical speeches and presentations. But now people entered in to the practical side to make it a reality. This is the fact that everyone should realize. Speeches and talks can be done by anyone and everyone but making it to realty can be done only by comrades. So come forward and join together to stop the injustice against the earth.

John McConnell was the man who put forward this pure idea of a day to be dedicated for our mother earth and suggested the name Earth Day for it. Apart from John McConnell many others like Gaylord Nelson, Denis Hayes and Edward Furia are some others who came up with similar suggestions of Earth Day celebration in the history. All their hard work saw a result and now every year a day is dedicated as Earth Day.