Get green with Earth Day 2001 Google Doodle

Earth Day is celebrated in every year to make world aware about what is happening to our mother earth. On this day get green with Earth Day 2001 Google Doodle, reflection of search giant’s affection towards the nature.

Earth Day 2001 Google Doodle
Earth Day 2001 (April 22, 2001)

In Earth day 2001 Google Doodle you can see globe in the place of two ‘O’ of official logo. The blue planet representation within Earth day Doodle sounds the activities we have to take to keep the beauty of nature.

The concept of this day was put forward by John McConnell at San Francisco in a conference of UNESCO. Name for the day was also suggested by John McConnell.More than 175 countries joined together to celebrate earth day. In some countries apart from earth day they celebrate the whole week as Earth Week. In that week government organizes many programs which focus on environmental issues. Denis Hayes, Gaylord Nelson, Edward Furia and Austard Librach are some other personalities come in the mind thinking about earth day.

Many activities takes place all around the world on Earth Day. Special seminars are conducted on that day to make people aware about the need for protection of earth for a better living. Workshops and symposiums are arranged on this day .Schools and colleges also take a good step in spreading the message of clean earth by organizing rallies and parades on this day.

earth day

It our duty to keep our nature clean and tidy. If every man takes ought that he will not do any activities that harm earth it will be enough for protecting earth. While using earth and its resources keep in mind that ‘it is not only yours there are many others who are having equal rights on earth as much you have for it’.

In many countries government itself is undertaking many activities focusing the protection and security of earth. There are some countries which have special anthem, emblems and flags for this day. Hope that we will have a safe and secure earth free from all pollution within few years. We can join together and work for that.