Dropbox Updates Pro Offering And Slashes Pricing

Every user looking for a file hosting service that offers more storage on less pricing. By known this fact cloud services like Google Drive and OneDrive from Microsoft occasionally cutting down fee for the service by offering more storage. Following them today Dropbox announced revamped version of service with price cutting.

New Dropbox Pro offers I TB of storage for $9.99/month. Until now users only got 100 GB of storage space for this rate. Dropbox also offers number of other features for Pro users.

New Features of Dropbox Pro

With Dropbox Pro users can add password protection for sharing links, bring additional layer of protection. It let the users to easily share sensitive files using the service. It also provide option to determine whether recipient can edit file on shared folder or not.

Dropbox Pro also features remote wipe option so that users can wipe out the data remotely in case of lost of device. Now both Google and Dropbox offers 1TB of cloud storage for rate $9.99/month, lower than that of Microsoft”s OneDrive which demands $2.50/month.