Dragon Boat Festival 2014 marked with Google Doodle

Dragon Boats are ready for race, Google is ready with the Fire Dragon Doodle. Yes, Google Doodle landed on Monday in China , Singapore,Malaysia and Taiwan marks this traditional boat racing festival, the Dragon Boat Festival 2014.

Dragon Boat Festival 2014 Google Doodle
Dragon Boat Festival 2014 Google Doodle(June 2, 2014)

In the Google Doodle, you can see image of Dragon shaped boat with row , commonly used for racing on the day with loud speaker and Google logo wrote in dark reddish orange color placed in river.

Celebrated on 5th day of 5th month, Dragon Boat Festival is one of the best celebrated occasion in China. There are many customs and traditions followed by Chinese people to make the day special. Many come and take part in this group boat racing festival, also known in name Duanwu Festival.

Dragon Boat Festival Background

Most Asian countries celebrate Dragon Boat festival. This water fiesta has got many traditional belief and legends associated with. In some places the celebration is similar to harvest festival. Farmers pray for good harvest and rain on the day.According to Chinese belief, festival is associated with life of poet  Qu Yuan.

Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore also celebrate this festival in best way. Tradition on the day includes eating special food item prepared using rice ‘Zongizi’, Fetching noon water from well, drinking special wine ‘hsiung huang wine’, hanging calamus in front of door.

Its the day to look up for luck in many places. People believe, balancing raw egg at the tip of finger at noon on the day brings luck for entire year. Though country by country stories and legends vary, celebration is full on. Dragon boats are ready on river sides for the final race.

Google, the search giant as in previous years wishes the happiness of the festival with a doodle.