China’s water fiesta with Dragon Boat Festival 2013 Google Doodle

Dragon Boat Festival 2013 Google Doodle Published within the home page of country. Dragon boat festival Doodle sounds the traditional custom of the country.

Dragon Boat Festival 2013 Google Doodle
Dragon Boat Festival 2013 Google Doodle(Jun 12, 2013)

In Dragon Boat Festival 2013 Google doodle also you can see a Dragon on which paddlers are standing. Golden color for the doodle added beauty and attraction to it.  Doodle designer manage to include all the logo alphabet by twisting the body of dragon in the way he want. The way in which doodle was presented goes in hand with the theme of the day of festival.

Dragon boat  festival is celebrated in almost all south Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, China and Riau Island. Dragon boat festival is one of the traditional boat festival that is observed in Asian countries. In most of the countries where celebration takes place on this day is an officially declared public holiday.

There are many legends related to the origin of this boat festival. In China this festival is held on the 5th day in 5th month of Lunar calendar. Some legends relates the celebration of the festival to praise the God to get god harvest for farmers, some includes stories of misfortune and unluck on the day.

The legend  took as the basis of this festival in most of the places is related to the life of Qu Yuan, a Chinese citizen who was first known as a poet and later due to certain circumstances suicide by jumping in to the river. Whatever may be the legends, people of south Asia celebrates this festival in a grant way.

Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat Festival[Image Credit :kootation]
Dragon boat festival 2013 held in Mouchovu lakes in China. The citizens used to make a traditional food called zongizi on dragon boat festival day also they conduct series of celebration in yellow river. In Lanzhou, the capital city of north west China Qu Yuvan remembrance activities will take apart.

Dragon boat festival also celebrate in Hing Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. In all of these countries dragon boat festivals reminds traditional culture and activities.