Dr Martin Luther King Day Google Doodle 2009

Third Monday of January is a special day for Americans. They observe the day in respect for Dr Martin Luther King. Every year special programs are organized by the Government and other organization to show the respect for this great personality.

Dr Martin Luther King Day Google Doodle 2009
Dr Martin Luther King Day Google Doodle 2009 (January 19, 2009)

Google always publish Dr Martin Luther King Day Google Doodle on the homepage of United States on the third Monday of January to show their respect for this great man. This year also Google included special doodle including the picture of Martin Luther King Junior.

This Dr Martin Luther King Day Google Doodle 2009 that we can see on the Google homepage on 2009 January 19th is designed by an American graphic designer Shepard Faiery. He included all the things which is perfect for the day dedicated to Dr Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King was born on January 15th. As the third Monday of January falls on the date near to this date, people of United States celebrate it in honor to him. King was the man who fought for equality and protested against discrimination among people. He was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and took nonviolence for the struggle to get the rights.

Dr Martin Luther King
Dr Martin Luther King[Image Credit :hfcc.edu]
Now Martin Luther King Day is a national holiday in United States. His day is observed with great importance all over. It was in the year 1983, the bill to observe the Kings day as national holiday was signed. Since then this day is celebrated with wide functions.

This day is known in variety of names in different places. Some call it as the Human rights Day. In some places it is known by the names Civil right Day and Lee Jackson King’s day. As this day is dedicated for the person who worked for humanity and human rights, on this day we can see people doing human right services and also doing activities to promote human right services.

We can also see Martin Luther King march in many places over US to make people aware of the need of working for humanity and showing respect for this great person. Apart from United States man y other countries also observe this day. In Japan also many programs are organized for the celebration of the day.

In 1955 Martin Luther King doctorate in Philosophy and started his works for civil rights. He was awarded Nobel Prize for peace because of his heartfelt works dedicated for the welfare of humanity and services. Apart from this award he was also given many other awards during his lifetime. Google with this doodle showed their respect for him.