Make faster downloading of YouTube videos with chrome extension

YouTube is world’s largest video sharing website. We can find most of all kinds of videos in that website. Sometimes we need to save some of those videos for future use and sharing. Here the tip for Make faster downloading of YouTube videos with chrome extension.

downloading of YouTube videos with chrome extensionBrowser extensions are innovative tools that improve the functionality of it. Here one of such extension helps us to perform the YouTube video downloading in a better way. First of you have to visit the site for to get the extension. Once you enter the site you will get a notification of whether your browser version is compatible with the extension or not, turns to compatible hit download button.

Downloading of YouTube videos with chrome extension

  • First of all download the zip file of extension from official site.
  • You have to locate this file on your computer.
  • Extract the file to desired destination on your PC.
  • After the complete extraction you will see a crx extension file.
  • In the next step click the setting icon with the chrome browser.
  • Click on tools then select extension.
  • Now you will able to all the extension within your browser.
  • Drag and drop the crx file to this extension page.
  • Now the extension gets added to your chrome browser.screenshots

After the installation browse for YouTube and select the favorite video you want to download. You will able to see a download button next to subscribe option. It supports FLV, MP4, MP4HD 720p, MP4 full-HD, MP3 and MP4-2K. So you can make a instant download with this effective chrome extension.