Douglas Adams 61st Birthday Google Doodle

The 61st Birthday of famous writer Douglas Adams was celebrated by Google with a special and interactive doodle in its homepage. Douglas Noel Adams was born in England on 1952 March 11th as the son of Janet and Christopher.

Douglas Adams 61st Birthday Google DoodleAdams showed his talent as a writer from the childhood itself. He was also well known as a dramatist and humorist of his time. Douglas Adams 61st Birthday Google Doodle which decorated on his birthday was especially in dedication for the Adams skills and contributions to the world.

Doodle appeared on the homepage was a dynamic one and it included mainly the concepts of his famous work the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Doodle was very colorful at the same time it conveyed the relevance and specialty of the day by clearly including the features of Douglas Adams famous work.

The entire fame that Douglas Adams had in his career was mainly dependent to his work ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy’. He was known as the author of this. From the early time of child hood itself he had a determination to be a well-known writer and being inspired from this thought he leaved the university studies and came to London to get a break in the film field as a writer.

It was in 1977 the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which became which became a theme for his remembrance doodle in Google homepage got its birth. It was a comic radio series of BBC Radio. Later on this series was translated to many other forms like stories, stage plays, TV shows and even in to a short film. In his life time itself this work got great popularity and publicity that it was sold over 15 million copies at that time.

Apart from gaining fame as a talented writer he also proved to be a good human being who is interested in environment and its conservation. He also was a man who loved technical innovations and trends. His love for cars, cameras and Apple Macintosh series were also famous.

Google doodle also included all things that he loved and also that he expressed though his writings. Doodle include the space for volume control as the doodle included animated sounds in it and it also had a provision for easy search for this great personality. He was also a person interested in playing music. Apart from being interested in arts he was also known for his computer games and other projects.

It seems that Douglas Noel Adams was a multitalented personality who is interested in Arts as well as technology. Google doodle in his honor was specially designed by including all sorts of things which makes us remember him. He had contributed a large series of work to the world during his life time. This the reason why we remember him after his death.

Douglas Noel Adam was died on May 11th of 2001. Though he had only a 49 years of life in earth he had contributed many feathers to the literature and scientific world. Many honors and awards were presented to Douglas Adams during his life time and also after his death.