Google Doodle Marks Dorothy Hodgkin’s 104th Birthday

Search giant marks Dorothy Hodgkin’s Birthday, Monday 12 May 2014, with a doodle on search homepage landed on different countries. Dorothy Hodgkin, the British Chemist , famous for developing X-Ray Crystallography technique, also the winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1964 is honored on 104th Birthday by Google.

Dorothy Hodgkin's Google Doodle
Dorothy Hodgkin’s Google Doodle(May 12, 2014)

Dorothy Hodgkin’s Google Doodle is designed replacing logo alphabet Os with three dimensional bio-molecular structure. It’s three dimensional biomolecular structure of  Penicillin, suggested by Dorothy in 1945 included in doodle for her. Hodgkin is one among the pioneer scientists who contributed in discovering three dimensional structure on many necessary biochemical substances.

Dorothy Hodgkin was born in the year 1910 at Egypt. Hodgkin had passion for chemistry from young age itself. It’s her studies of PhD in the University of Cambridge, made her to get completely involved on research of structure of biomolecules. Dorothy Hodgkin was appointed as tutor in chemistry and first fellow in Somerville College in 1936.

Many honors and awards were given to Hodgkin for her contribution in Chemistry. Order of Merit, the prestigious dynastic order is given to her in 1965. Infact,Dorothy Hodgkin was the second woman after Florence Nightingale to achieve this order. She was also the winner of Copley Medal and Lenin Peace Prize.

Many time her image was depicted in postal stamp in her honor. Today also, all over world many programs and lectures are arranged in recognition to Dorothy Hodgkin every year.  Fellowships and awards are given in her name for those who give notable contributions in Chemistry.

By Clicking on Google Doodle, you will get search page of Dorothy Hodgkin, there you can go through details of this prominent Chemist.