Doodle Moon Festival 2005 by Google

Moon Festival is known by the name Mid-autumn festival in China. Moon Festival is the second most celebrated holiday of the country. Apart from China many other countries also celebrate the day with great functions.

Doodle Moon Festival 2005 by Google
Moon Festival 2005(September 17, 2005)

It was in the homepage landed on the countries Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China Google released this doodle. Google Doodle included the pictures of mountains, flowing water, moon, reflection of moon in the water and so on. There many stories relating moon and water in China which was rooted in the country years back. The inclusion of moon in the Doodle Moon Festival 2005 by Google and its reflection in the water points to the moon worship by the Chinese women on this special day.

Moon Festival is also known by many other names also. Mid-autumn festivals, moon cake festival, lantern festival, children festival, reunion festival are the other names given to this festival. There are some facts behind giving all these names to the same festival. It’s told as reunion festival because married women in China go back to their parental home to visit parents and spent time with them on this day. It’s in Singapore and Malaysia the name lantern festival is used instead of moon festival.

Praying, gathering together and thanksgiving are the main three concepts associated to this festival. On this day special customs are followed in the countries which observe this festival. As there is association with thanksgiving many rituals related to it are organized in the worship places. They use this day to show the sincere gratitude for the good harvest they got throughout the year.

The legends say that the celebration of this day began on Shang Dynasty. Since then variety of unique traditions and rituals are seen to be done by the people of different cultural groups. As it is celebrated on the full moon day worshiping moon has got deep relation with this festival.

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Special food preparations are seen on this day in the Chinese houses. Moon cakes are prepared in most of the houses on this day. There is a custom of preparing dish consisting of lotus roots joined which is the symbol of peace. People over there wait outside the houses till the full moon appears. When the moon comes out of the clouds they wish each other and feast on special dishes and a cup of tea specially kept in the stone tables.

There is a special custom of offering food items for deities are followed in China and other countries. They decorate a table in the courtyard with variety of fruits and special dishes. Clay model of Jade Rabbit which is believed to be present in the moon is also kept on the tables for decoration.

The entire day is dedicated for get together, parties, picnics and prayer. Traditional games, sports and cultural festivals are also common in this day. Dragon dance is an unavoidable item which is seen with all Chinese festivals. On this special day also these art form will be played on every places of the country. Google doodle on this day was very much beautiful and colorful.