Doodle for Google competition 2013

We the human beings prefer fun or any light moments in our busy day today life. The concept Doodle for Google mainly serves this purpose. The Doodles released by Google spreads the fun and joy through creativity. Now it’s an opportunity for little kids to explore their world of imagination and dream big for their future.

Google providing the opportunity for K-12 students with the announcement of their 6th annual U.S. Doodle 4 Google competition. Through this competition Google providing little children from various part of country to create their own doodle. The theme for the doodle competition is also interesting for little kids. The theme is “My Best Day Ever…” They were aiming to know how these kids recreating their memories using their imagination and creativity. The theme itself will take the little minds to their past good memories. For additional inspiration Google released a video for children. The video contains some shots of kids who narrates their best day in their own way.

Google offers special prizes for the little artists for their creativity. First of all the winning artist can see his/her creation on the Google home page for a day. Another reward is the cash prize of $30,000 as a college scholarship and can acquire technology grant of $50,000 for his or her school education. The judging panel contains the Googlers and a panel of guest judges. This time Google declared their judging panel containing journalist and TV personality Katie Couric, music maestro Ahmir, Chris Sanders, writer and director of Lilo & Stitch and How to Train Your Dragon, Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time along with other great creative minds.

As a part of first filtration there will be 50 state winners selected by public vote on May 1. Following this there will be a National level competition for these selected candidates on May 22. The winning work will be displayed on the Google home page on the next day. There will be a display of all works of 50 state winners from May 22 to July 14 in the American Museum of Natural History. The entry for participation is easier now. You can download the forms from the Google official site Doodle 4 Google site. There will be allowded one Google doodle for one student and can send the doodle through by mail or online with the signature of parent or guardian by March 22. Google allows a whole school to participate in the competition, but single doodle per student.