Google Doodle for 100th Anniversary of Crossword Puzzle

On December 21st, Google came up with a very good interactive Doodle for 100th Anniversary of Crossword Puzzle in United States.  Centennial celebration for crossword puzzle game with doodle delighted crossword fans all over.

Google Doodle for 100th Anniversary of Crossword Puzzle
Google Doodle for 100th Anniversary of Crossword Puzzle( December 21, 2013)

Google doodle for the crossword game is interactive one. Google have hired the crossword expert Merl Reageal for the construction of  the doodle.  In the Google doodle of crossword, when we click on play button the list of clues will appear where users can play with it. Here in the doodle of Crossword Puzzle there are about 78 clues for down word puzzle and 78 for the across puzzle. Keeping in mind of puzzle fans, Google have done the best with the doodle.

The first ever Crossword Puzzle in the news paper appeared in 1913, in New York World. Arthur Wynne is the man who introduced the crossword puzzle to the world. Fun, logic and brain work is included in this game by Arthur Wynne.

Creator of the Google Crossword doodle clues Merl Reagel said that it’s her privilege to be the part of doodle to make world know about Arthur Wynne. Though the word ‘crossword’ is used instead of the ‘word cross’ as a mistake by typographer, Wynne decided to use this through out. Since then whole world used word Crossword for this puzzle game. Completing 100 year of  game, now it have millions of fans all around the world.

The main thing about crossword game is that both the creator of clues and the players of the game should use the right sense to get the game in path. More over fun, crossword enhances the memory power and brain functioning. Google made the weekend very special  with this doodle in homepage. Every Google user who gone through the homepage, every crossword fan all around have played the game on Google US. Crossword doodle is one among the best interactive doodle from Google.