Doodle Children’s Day 2013 Panama by Google

Google Doodle Children’s Day 2013 Panama  was published on Google Paname on July 21st. Día del Niño is celebrated in Panama every year on third Sunday of July with grand programs.

Doodle Children’s Day 2013 Panama
Children’s Day 2013 Panama (July 21, 2013)

Google always come up with beautiful doodles to celebrate the children’s Day of every country. It is after a beautiful doodle on Turkey Children’s Day 2013 Google came up with this special doodle on Panama for their Children’s Day.

Doodle Children’s Day 2013 Panama include the pictures of two kids beautifully dressed. It’s in the place of logo alphabet ‘o’ the picture of kids are included in the Google doodle. Children’s Day is celebrated every year in all countries on the day which is convenient for them. Most of the countries celebrate the day with many programs exclusively arranged for children’s to enjoy.

Initially the celebration of Día del Niño in Panama was on November 1st. It was the wife of President Martin Torrijos of Panama during 2004 to 2009 changed the date of this celebration from November 1st to third Sunday of July.

Celebration of Panama Children’s Day 2013 was similarly grand as previous years. ThisGoogle doodleadded color to their celebration. As usual in the previous years this year also children’s were taken for trips and other cultural programs on the day to make it a special day for them.

As we can see in the doodle, we can see an innocence in every programs of the day as it’s organized for the innocent children. All over the country a wide range of programs will be arranged for Día del Niño celebration on July 21st. Parents also give gifts and take their kids to their favorite places and parks to make the happy on the special day dedicated for them.