Doodle Bastille Day 2007 by Google

French National Day is known commonly by the name Bastille Day. Bastille Day is one of the most important day which is celebrated with grand function all over France. There is great relationship with the prison Bastille for the people of France.

Doodle Bastille Day 2007 by Google
Bastille Day 2007(July 14, 2007)

The beginning of the new revolution of Independence was started by the people of France which is deeply related with the incident that burst out the prison of Bastille. It was in 1789 the incident took place. On July 14th of 1789 people over France joined together against the leadership of King Louis. King was ruling the entire country as a sole leader who didn’t even cared about what the people want.

When they realized the injustice of the king towards them they all gathered together took the stern decision to work together to stop the sole power of King Louis. Bastille prison capturing took place as the part of this mission to end the leader ship of the king. This incident which took place in the year 1789 was a remarkable incident in the history of freedom struggle in France.

Though people started the revolution together in 1789 their fight to end the monarchial succeeded in the year 1792. The main objective or motto that they took as the core of revolution is Liberty, equality and fraternity. It’s to attain these they fought together.

Bastille Prison

Google also took part in the celebration of Bastille Day in the year 2007 with a doodle which is colorful, beautiful and capable to explain the day’s specialty to the whole nation. Google doodle was published on the anniversary of Bastille capture which is celebrated as the national day of France. It included the picture of Eiffel tower which is the most prominent and one of the world famous monument situated in Paris.

Doodle also included the picture of colorful fireworks in the either sides of the tower with then national flag on the top of the Eiffel Tower. The entire doodle reflected the joy of Independence in every aspect. Doodles design was something new and innovative.

In each and every program of the day people over France include the objectives of their freedom struggle. It’s this three unique world leads them with courage to fight for right and good. Celebrations of the day is equally colorful as the national day of all other nations. Togetherness and equality is reflected in all functions of the day.

People celebrated the day without any caste and creed discrimination with single heart and soul. Programs of the Bastille Day begins in the night of July 13th and end on the night of July 14th. The entire celebrations include parades, speech dance and other cultural competitions. At last the end of the celebration will be take place with firework shows deep in the midnight.

As seen in the country Doodle Bastille Day 2007 by Google also included all the colors of the day in it. It is one of the best doodle that decorated the homepage of Google.