Doodle 4 Google Russia 2014 winner Anastasia ‘My Journey in to Space’

Saturday’s Google logo landed in Russia designed  by Doodle 4 Google Russia 2014 winner on topic ‘ My Journey in to Space’.  Anastasia Vorontsov, 17 year old girl is the winner of the competition. It’s on April 12th, Cosmonoutics Day in Russia , Google Doodle by Nastya cheers Google users.

Doodle 4 Google Russia 2014 winner Nastya
Doodle 4 Google Russia 2014 winner Nastya(April 12, 2014)

As the title of the competition suggests, Anastasia depicted in her doodle, an astronaut giving flower to an alien. ‘Compassion -the heart of civilization’ named  Anastasia her doodle. You can see, beautiful background of outer space  in Google doodle with logo alphabets replacing image of alien, flower, astronaut, space craft and planets.

In the interview after the award ceremony at Moscow,  Anastasia Vorontsov said that her doodle is about a good relation of human and extraterritorial life if there exists a life somewhere in space.

Doodle 4 Google Russia 2014 was participated by thousands of students from different schools. Semifinalist were invited to Moscow Planetarium for award function. Winners of this kids drawing competition conducted by American search giant is given prizes including Chromebook, laptops and also  scholarship for schools they study. Doodle 4 Google competition is an opportunity to showcase the talent to the world by Children.

Day dedicated as International Day of Human Space Flight in Russia to commemorate first manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin, Cosmonautics Day, widely known in Russia , selected by Google to publish  Anastasia’s Doodle on ‘ My Journey to Space’