Doodle 4 Google winner featured on Malaysia Day 2014

Google features special doodle to celebrate Malaysia Day 2014. Its the winning doodle of Google’s own drawing competition for students Doodle 4 Google 2014 Malaysia by Lee Yee Run’s published on Google homepage on September 16.

Doodle 4 Google Malaysia Day 2014
Doodle 4 Google Malaysia Day 2014(September 16, 2014)

It’s on 8 September, the winner of the competition was announced this year. The theme for this years competition was ‘ Malaysia to me is’, Lee designed the Google doodle including every aspect to reflect the beauty of Malaysia, he named the doodle as ‘ Beauty of Malaysia’. Lee said, Malaysia to him is the beautiful place to live.

Doodle 4 Google 2014 got great reception in entire country. Its from thousands of application received Lee was announced to be the winner. It’s after public voting and final judgment by guest judges , Lee Yee Run’s doodle selected. All other finalists doodle is published in Doodle 4 Google Page. Clicking on Doodle, search page for Malaysia Day will be listed.

Malaysia Day

16th September is celebrated every year as Malaysia Day. To commemorate the establishment of Malaysian Federation in 1963, Malaysia Day is celebrated annually. Malaysia Day is also observed with same importance of Independence Day over there.

Its also an public holiday in Malaysia. Initially the plan for establishment of Federation was on 31st August of 1963, the sixth anniversary of formation of Malaysian Federation known as Independence Day or the National Day. Due to some conflicts and objections it was delayed and postponed to 16 September. Declaration of public holiday for observance of Malaysia Day was in the year 2010.

Events of Malaysia Day includes public gathering and special patriotic programs. Malaysian flag is seen in every function of the day.

Google have published many doodles to mark special occasion since 1998. Recent doodle published on Malaysia includes the Independence Day of Malaysia with floral emblem used in design.

Happy Malaysia Day