Domino’s Pizza lovers can now make orders through Google Wallet

Ordering of pizza through application on Smartphone not at all a new thing. But today world’s leading pizza delivering service Domino’s integrate their Android app with Google digital wallet, to make ordering in more convenient way.

“This is yet another way Domino’s is using technology to improve customers experience. Google wallet is great technology that allow users even more flexibility and convenience when comes into paying for their customer’s orders” said Patrick Doyle, President of Domino’s pizza.

As Google wallet support for a range of credit and debit cards ordering becomes more easier than before. This feature is limited for users in United States, available across 5000 locations.

Domino’s also make an offer for customers along with release of new feature. The customers who make order of $10 or more using Google wallet integrated application will get free order of Domino’s new specialty chicken.

Top image credit : Flickr