Doll Festival 2014 Google Doodle

Google presents a beautiful doodle on Monday to celebrate¬†Doll Festival 2014. It’s in Google Japan the Doll festival doodle published.

Doll Festival 2014 Google Doodle
Doll Festival 2014 Google Doodle(March 3, 2014)

Doll Festival day also known as Hinamatsuri is celebrated every year on 3rd March. Girls Day is the other name of festival. As you can see in Google Doodle, it’s common to have dolls arranged and kept in red carpet every where in Japan on the day.

Google doodle features first platform of doll arrangement ,including Emperor with ritual baton and Empress with fan along with lanterns in both ends with Google logo letters in background. As seen traditionally, in Google doodle also placement of dolls is in front of Golden screen.Google logo alphabets ‘G’ and ‘E’ is placed inside the yellow lantern lamb known as bonbori.

Celebration of Doll Festival started earlier during Heian Period, today also it’s celebrated over Japan widely. Usually, in Japan there is special arrangement of dolls in seven platforms for the day. Most of the houses with young girl’s will set up this doll altar. Girl’s day is also celebrated in association with doll festival. It’s the day for blessing and wishing girls for bright future. Earlier there was a custom of floating dolls in the river doll festival occasion. It was believed that bad luck from families will be floated out with dolls.

Now, in Japan a wide range of variety dolls, decorative items and luxurious accessories are available for displaying doll altar in homes. It’s a season of shopping in Japan. Young girls and families will be busy in shopping and decorating the homes for Hinamasturi festival.

Google have published Doll Festival doodles in previous years also. This years doodle also depicts the message of the  festival symbolically.