Does Graph Search Knows everything about you?

Facebook introduced the graph search beta for allows the users to make a social search within the site. Graph search makes it is easy to find out the social things easier. So the question is does Graph Search knows everything about you?

does Graph Search Knows everything about you

First of all the reason for Facebook replacing the older search box by graph search is nothing but to find out the things much easier. You can find photos, peoples, places…etc much easier with related keywords.

Here is an example for the question what actually Graph search provides you. Just imagine that you are a Facebook user who is interested in listening Gazal music. If you want to know who are other friends with similar interest are, what will you do? You will go through the profile of friends and find it out, right! Here Graph search gives you an easy way for this. You get the list of friends who like Gazal music by just typing the query in Graph search.

It is pretty impressive right, graph search will also works for several combinations of keywords like, photos of my friends, places my friends like, music my friends like…Etc. So how do graph search know all these things?

Just think an average Facebook user have minimum 250 friends, suing his account he do chatting, liking, sharing, commenting…Etc. The Facebook graph search just shows these things which are already integrated to your account. That is you can only finds the using graph search which are already seen by you. Where the graph search becomes helpful is it brings the results with one click using relevant keywords.

facebook graph search

If you are very much conscious about whether the graph search is secure or not you can use review your privacy settings and can make possible changes to get away from searches. Most of all things shown by graph search is the social things posted in public modes. Facebook privacy settings will helps you to be hidden from public world.