How to disable notification center and control center on lock screen of iPhone

Both notification center and control center within iPhone or iPad contains important data and settings of the device. Both of these features can even access from lock screen of the device, not seems to be good when concern about privacy.

The notification center includes notifications from all important sections, including scheduled events and other important messages. Through control center one can control camera options, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, airplane mode, Brightness and screen orientation, songs…Etc.

Accessing of these important section by another person break your privacy, also can change settings of the device. Once you disable these features on lockscreen no one can access the device without typing the password.

Disable Notification Center on lock screen

  • Goto settings from your iPhone or iPad.Settings
  • Tap on notification center.notification
  • Locate access on lock screen section at the top.Disable Notification
  • Disable both notification view and today’s view

Disable Control Center on lock screen

  • Tap on settings from iPhone or iPad.Control center
  • Then select control center.Turn off control center
  • Turn off ‘access on lock screen’.