Dilbert Google Doodles

It is the first time that Dilbert a well know American Comic strip written and drawn by Scott Adams grabs the position in Google logo. Google released a series of doodles which includes the comic scripts as a part of logo.

Dilbert Google Doodles 2002 -1  (May 20, 2002)

Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 1 is released on May 2o, 2002. The Comic strip called ‘Dilbert’ narrates the office humor with including the incidents happening in a micromanaged office. The central character of this strip is Dilbert and is the representative of all white white-collar employees in the concept of Scott Adams.

Dilbert Google Doodles
Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 1 (May 20, 2002)

The comic script was first published in 1989. After that the strip has spawned several books, a video game, an animated television series and hundreds of Dilbert themed merchandise items. So it is not a fact to be exclaimed that the world’s most recognizable office worker character appears on the logo of the world’s best and most loved search engine. The doodle describes the fact that the Dilbert and his pointy-haired boss discussing about the changes that has to make on the logo to be released on Friday. There is another co – worker of Dilbert called Alice is there on the frame. They are discussing about what changes has to make on the Google logo. The conversations are presented as a script model just as in Comic strip of Scott Adams. Boss seeking suggestions from his workers by asking that:  “We need a new logo by Friday, Any suggestions?” The logo of Google is pictured as the usual one.

Dilbert Google Doodles 2002 – 2(May 21, 2002)

Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 2 released on May 21, 2002. According to Sergey Brin, co-founder and president of Google Inc, Dilbert has influenced Google in some extent in terms of Google’s management style. “This partnership exceeded my wildest dreams and I hoped I would get a free Google shirt, and I got three of them plus a mug” said Scott Adams, Dilbert creator.

Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 2 (May 21, 2002)

There is various famous cartoon characters are there. But Google had chosen Dilbert…why? It can be viewed as a matching of heroes in their respective fields. On that time when doodle was released there occur 54 percentage growths for Google site with 34.2 million unique users for the site according to the study from Jupiter Media Metrix. The appreciation and popularity gained by the Google is appreciable. The next doodle is designed as a continuation to the previous one. Here the Dilbert gives his idea for the new logo. He says that “we could drop the first 2 letters”. Don’t be serious on his idea; Google released this Google doodle to check your comic sense. I think you get it right. Also the 2 letters are made as little blurred to display his idea. The same situation exists in the case of Dilbert.

Dilbert Google Doodles 2002 – 3 (May 22, 2002)

Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 3 released on May 22, 2002. The doodle reminds the ideology once said by from Google Co-Founder and President of Technology Sergey Brin. It takes nothing serious except for search. Google prefers the comic style doodles is clearly influenced by this ideology.

Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 3 (May 22, 2002)

The cartoon appears in 2,000 papers in 65 countries and 25 languages. In the Web media Dilbert receives over 1.4 million unique visitors per month. So here both heroes paired up together for this doodle. The creator of this cartoon Adams has connection with IT field and he had taken BA in economics from Hartwick College in N.Y., and holds an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. Adams has worked as a computer programmer, bank teller, , financial analyst, commercial lender and product manager.  So also his cartoon reflects some of these boss-workers conversations and latest happenings of IT field. In the third doodle released after the rejection of Dilbert’s first idea he put forward another idea to his boss. He says that “we could shorten it to first three letters”. This time again he fails to convince the boss and the boss says that “no, Goo isn’t sticky”.

Dilbert Google Doodles 2002 – 4 (May 23, 2002)

Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 4 released on May 23, 2002. Google consistently changing logos on most special occasions for commemorate holidays, events, and international celebrations like Bastille Day, Burning Man festival etc. Dilbert is known as the most photocopied, pinned-up, downloaded, faxed and e-mailed comic strip in the world.

Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 4 (May 23, 2002)

A souvenir honoring Dilbert’s work on Google’s corporate identity will be available for readers. So it is appropriate to include the most famous cartoon character in Google‘s logo. As mentioned earlier the partnership with Google gives chance to Dilbert’s creator, Scott Adams to explore his work beyond from the traditional newspaper comic strip, among other things. The work can be found in Dilbert.com. The 4th doodle is released on 23rd May. After the rejection of both ideas from the Dilbert the boss himself suggest a new idea. The idea was like this “we’ll merge the logo with our vision care program and call it synergy”.

Dilbert Google Doodles 2002 – 5 (May 24, 2002)

Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 5 released on May 24, 2002. Adams work brings lot of honors for him such as he received the Newspaper Comic Strip Award in 1997 and National Cartoonist Society Reuben Awardfor his comic strips. More than 20 million Dilbert books and calendars have been sold and more than half of Adams’ books have entered in the The New York Times best-seller list.

Dilbert Google Doodle 2002 – 5 (May 24, 2002)

All believes that the people and environment in the IT field is usually filled with stresses and workloads and no space for humor or laugh. Those who believe like this just observe the Google and the importance given to humor. The doodles are perfect examples of this. The last doodle, i.e. .5th one in the series of doodle regarding Dilbert was released on 24th May. In this doodle according to the idea of boss Dilbert designed the logo highlighting vision care program. The doodle is comically pictured the vision care program and the Dilbert itself in the logo says that he can’t see after wearing the glass.