Add useful Digital gadgets to Windows 8 start screen with Start screen unlimited

You can customize the appearance of your Windows 8 start screen at anytime. But you can’t add functionality and features to start screen. With new Windows 8 program called start screen unlimited you can add number of useful features to the metro based start screen.

Digital gadgets to Windows 8 start screen with Start screen unlimited

Start screen unlimited add features like power options, link to Windows control panel, embed Google search, clock…Etc. Start screen unlimited program available in lite edition and in deluxe edition, to get full features like 3D menus and new features list you have to pay $14.

After the installation of start screen unlimited within your Windows 8 or 8.1 PC you will see a new tool bar within upper right hand side of the start screen. By clicking on infinity logo you can move this toolbar to anywhere on the start screen. Next to that menu you can see power option which includes hibernate, sleep, reboot and power off. start screen programm

It becomes a better option for you as Windows didn’t make power option in start screen for 8 or 8.1 OS by default. The system menu includes direct link to Windows control panel. The ‘i’ button let you to send feed back to developers and provide a link to get deluxe version.

The right next to this toolbar you will find Google search tool bar, can make searches right from start screen. Unlike official Google search app for Windows 8 it demands physical key board, will also see a digital clock next to it. You can add even more features by downloading deluxe version of start screen unlimited program.