What are different gestures demanded by Google Glass

On 15th April, 2014 many of US citizens got chance to own explorers edition of Google Glass. In fact Google only made the sales of glass device only for that day. Unlike other wearable tech devices Google Glass demands different hand and head gestures for the interaction.

You still have to wait for getting consumer version of Google Glass. The company will make much more changes both in hardware and software from that of explorers edition of Google Glass.

Turn on Google Glass

At first you can find a power button at inner part of Google Glass to turn it on. The LED behind the button will turn on next second and remain it while booting. You will also hear a rising sound at that time.Turn glass on

Turn on Display of Google Glass

You can active the display of Google Glass by just tilting your head in upward direction. You can also change the direction in which you have to tilt the head to active display from the settings bundle.Google Glass Display

This action becomes very helpful when display get turn off automatically after a period of inactivity.Once you active display you can make commands and check cards on Google Glass.

Navigation through Timeline

Swiping forward and backward on touchpad will help you to see items within the timeline. To select any items from the timeline just tap on the touchpad of Google Glass.swipe forward

Back button and turn display off

Swipe down on touchpad will act as back button on Google Glass. At same time swiping down on touchpad from home screen can turn off the display. swipe downward

Turn off Google Glass

Turn off Google Glass press and hold the power button until you hear the falling chime sound.