What are differences between iTunes Radio and Milk Music

Samsung officially made its entry into music streaming service through milk music, to compete with Apple’s iTunes radio, Pandora and Spotify. Upon service and interface both iTunes radio and milk music shows many differences.

differences between itunes Radio and milk music

Samsung’s milk music service work through application powered by slacker service, available within Google Play for free. At present it only compatible with Galaxy brand Smartphone and tablets of Samsung, also available only in United States just like Apple did with iTunes radio.

  • Milk Music on Google Play

iTunes radio is actually a part of music application within iOS 7 and iTunes on OS X 10.7 lion or later. It works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, PCs and Apple TV. Do the iCloud storage across the devices let you to access the station from one device which got stopped on another one.

iTunes radio

Unlike iTunes radio milk music is a complete ad free music streaming service. Itunes radio will shows occasional ads while you enjoying the service, mainly from iTunes festival. You will demands $25 for an year to get ad free iTunes radio service.

Both milk music and iTunes radio let you to stream music from more than 200 different stations. The customized stations in iTunes radio brings songs you love in accordance with genre, artist and songs. It manage to brings songs from area you listen the most, also addition thousands of new songs every weeks. For milk music the customization lies within popular, new and favorite sections.

milk music

iTunes radio provide a purchasing option in case you want to save songs from the service. It becomes helpful to get the new trending songs you love to listen. This saving option won’t seen with milk music service, may add later by Samsung. You can also make control over iTunes radio via Siri, In that way you can also listen for your favorite stations while you are driving or doing some other tasks.