Writer Diana Wynne Jones’ 80th Birthday marked with Google Doodle

Search giant Google’s  famous logo change today marked writer Diana Wynne Jones 80th birth anniversary on homepage. Diana Wynne was born on 16 August 1934.


Diana Wynne Jones Google Doodle
Diana Wynne Jones Google Doodle(August 16, 2014)

Google Doodle for Jones is added with little animation taking sketches out from one of her famous novel. Howl’s moving Castle is one of the best work by the author published in 1986, two sequels were published in later years.

Doodle includes a moving door, every time when open shows you a new outdoor view, representing Howl’s moving castle. Other Logo Alphabets are included in doodle as things inside the castle. Diana Wynne Jones’ doodle will also take to Google search page for writer, clicking on it.

Diana Wynne Jones life and career

Jones born in England on 16 August 1934, known for her fantasy novel was a talented writer with works covering themes on social observation and mere fantasy. Jones wrote books for both children and  adults.

Chrestomanci, the series of children’s book wrote by Jones fron 1977 to 2006 ,the most highlighted gave author world recognition. Jones style of works were compared some of most prominent authors including Neil Gaiman, Robin McKinley and J K Rowling. Apart from fictions, Jones also have books which is a part of her observance on happenings around.

Some of the other famous works of Diana Wynne Jones are House of Many Ways, The Tough Guide to Fantasy Land, Dark Lord of Derkholm, also there is a large series of short stories in authors name.

Jones was honored with many recognition’s and awards for her works in her life time. Some of awards Jones got includes Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize for Charmed Life in 1978, Phoneix Award, Mythopoeic Fantasy Award  was given twice to her in 1996 and 1999 for The Crown of Dale Mark and Dark Lord of Derkholm respectively.World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement is one of the most notable recognition Jones got, it was in year 2007.

Diana Wynne Jones works were also features in animated films in different languages and was nominated in many film awards. Google honored Jones on her 80th Birthday with this doodle taking a page from best work.

Diana Wynne Jones died on 26 March 2011 at England due to lung cancer. Google Doodle will be present at Google homepage of Google Japan, Russia, Greece, UK, Iceland and Indonesia.