Dian Fossey honored with Google Doodle

The zoologist, Dian Fossey honored with Google Doodle on 82nd birthday. Fossey was renowned for her study of Gorillas.

Dian Fossey honored with Google Doodle
Dian Fossey honored with Google Doodle(January 16, 2014)

Google doodle included images of Gorillas and Fossey taking notes about them. The evergreen book by Fossey about Gorillas ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ is the theme of the doodle. This book is regarded to be the best book on gorillas available till now. As we can see, each letter in the Google logo is replaced with images of Gorillas.Long 18 years of studies of gorillas by Fossey is honored by this Google doodle.

Dian Fossey, born on January 16th, 1932, was very much enthusiastic and was interested in animal life from childhood itself. Rwanda is the place were Fossey spent most of time conducting researches and studies of large apes.

Fossey was very much disappointed by the human activities like poaching which disturbs the ecosystem of wild inhabitants.Through out the life time Dian Fossey raised voice against this activities by human. In fact Dian discouraged tourism focusing wildlife. Fossey was a real human who loved living beings, and respected their right to live on earth.Theses made Fossey to gain many friends, at the same time many enemies also started to focus Fossey’s activities in protecing Gorillas from poaching and hunting.

Fossey did many researches on life of Gorilla and gained vast knowledge on how gorillas communicate, their group formation, hierarchies and vocalization. Fossey , in her lifetime encouraged all activities to protect apes, enlightened government in many places, and became the initiator to start organizations to  protect gorillas all over the world.

Fossey was murdered on December 26th, 1985. Her life was completely a mix of controversies, love, fight and she died living many things to complete. She wrote her last lines in dairy leaving many things to think for humanity ” It’s when you realize the value of life you dwell less on past and concentrate on preserving future”.