Google updated detailed FAQ about project glass with technical concern

Google glass is first ever wearable computing device from Google. Even Google gives tie to time news updation on this product we stuck with many doubt about Google glass. Today Google updated detailed FAQ about project glass.

detailed FAQ about project glassThrough the new detailed FAQ about project glass Google aim to make the people more informative about the product. Through this new part the readers can go through all major categories on Google glass. The FAQ includes general glass questions, glass specifications questions, glass security and privacy questions and glass software questions.

“It has been about a month since our last update about glass explorer program. Since kicking things off, we have been learning about all the different way of people using Glass in their lives. From the developers to photographers, from chef to teachers, as well as plenty of full time dads and moms, our explorers have doing some really cool things. We have started to share some of their stories and will be sharing more over the coming weeks. In the meantime, we have been getting some of questions. So we have posted FAQs to answers some of common ones” shared through official Google+ page of project glass.

Through main four categories of FAQ the readers can get complete informations about project glass beyond the hardware. It also included the motivation behind this project and the also the future scope of these kind of devices. We can also hope that wearable computing devices are the next major step that we are going to encounters in technical world.