Intel denies the death news of Tizen operating system

Recently there was a report about the cancellation of Tizen OS project. Today one of the co-founder Intel denies the death news of Tizen OS. So Twitter message about the death of Tizen OS turned as a rumor.

death news of TizenThe death news of Tizen really tuned to be a believable one as that particular OS is not much popularized till now. Also Tizen powered Smartphones still under the development stage. It is a mobile operating system that is developed under the partnership of Samsung and Intel. The official statement from Intel now confirms that we can expect Tizen powered devices in future.

Death news of Tizen operating system

“Intel is very committed to the development of Tizen. We see a unique role of Tizen in the industry to create and grow a new, open and flexible, mobile operating system that allows developers to write once and run on many devices. Tizen has received board industry support through the Tizen association and has achieved major milestones this year including establishing the storefront, releasing the Tizen 2.1 source code, the Tizen IVI 2.0 the Tizen 2.2 Beta SDK that was just released yesterday” Intel said.

So we can expect Tizen powered Redwood and Melius Smartphones from Samsung in no time. But this news is also not at all confirmed by the Company yet. Also the reason for why Samsung delay the release of Tizen based devices is nothing but the dominance of Samsung-Android bond itself.

Tizen is an open source mobile operating system which is developed under the partnership of Samsung and Intel. The smoother experience and easy customization on this OS is ensures by the Linux Kernel and webkit run time. It can powered up Smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs.

The HTML5 support of this operating system can brings innovative applications. The application development on this platform merely depends upon JavaScript, JQuerry and JQuerry mobile. This particular OS can provide features such as 3D window effect, advanced multimedia, sensor frame work…Etc. We can hope for innovative products from this platform in coming years.