Day of the Dead 2013 Google Doodle

Google Mexico get a Doodle on Day of Dead 2013. Day of Dead, hearing the title it seems to be a gloomy day, right? But actually this day is celebrated with color and festivities in Mexico.

Day of the Dead 2013 Google Doodle
Day of the Dead 2013 Google Doodle(November 2, 2013)

As in custom of Mexico, you can see colors and Catrina figure in Google Doodle. Catrina is a special arrangement of  skeleton head with hat resembling those wore by upper class ladies. It’s the Google logo alphabet ‘o’ replaced with Catrina figure doodle. A gostly touch is given to entire logo.

Day of Dead Facts and Customs

In Mexico Day of Dead is Known in name ‘Día de los Muertos’, celebrations starts for the on 31st October with Halloween Day and it will end on November 2nd.

Customs followed on Day of the dead

  • In most of the place there is a tradition of setting up altar on the day. Nature, water, wind, fire and air is symbolically represented in altar.
  • Decorating tombs of dead relatives with flowers.
  • Special prayer for the soul of dead ones will be on every place.
  • People wear special ghostly costumes like Halloween Day: La Calavera Catrina, etching work by Mexican painter José Guadalupe Posada is the iconic figure in the days costumes.

Origin of Day of the Dead

Day of Dead originated 3000 year ago. According to belief of our ancestors, soul have no death and on Day of the Dead all those people who died will come back to visit loved ones. Christian tradition of observing ‘All Saints Day’ and ‘All soul’s Day’ on November 1st and November 2nd also have relation is observance of Day of Dead.

There is a great significance for the celebration of the day in Mexico’s indigenous communities. UNESCO mentioned it in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Humanity.

Symbols used on Day of the Dead

  • La Calavera Catrina is mainly used symbol
  • Skeleton and Skull
  • Marigold flower to decorate tombs
  • Decorated Altar
  • Sugar Skull, Atole and Candied Pumpkin are prepared on the day
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