Google celebrated Dano Korean Festival 2013 with Doodle

Google celebrated Dano Korean Festival 2013 with Doodle. Dano festival is  on 5th day of 5th month of lunar Korean calendar Koreans celebrate this festival.

Dano Korean Festival 2013 with Doodle
Dano Korean Festival 2013 with Doodle (Jun 13, 2013)

Within Dano festival Doodle you can see that the different forms of arts performed by Korean people. You can see two Korean girls performing dace in place of first ‘O’ within official logo. The second ‘O’ is replaced by wrestling between two men, second ‘G’ is tied with baloons and last ‘L’ and ‘E’ is replaced by swing. All these represents the different celebrations made by Koreans as a part of Dano festival.

Dano Festival
Dano Festival[Image Credit :flikr]
Dano festival marks the beginning of summer season in Korea. After sowing people of Korea pray to God to get good harvest. As we can see in the Google doodle, a typical Korean wrestling competition will takes place in Korea on the day. It’s for men this competition is organized for women its swinging competition.

Koreans are people who love color. In the Google doodle also we can see all beautiful colors. The day is a special day for Korean women. They are permitted to go to village garden and celebrate the day. There is also a tradition of washing their hair in hot water putting boiled iris leaves. Rice cake with herbs is the main dish prepared on the day.

People gives gifts and fans each other on the day. It’s one of the important festival according to the culture. Google wished a good harvest for them on this Dano Korean Festival day with this beautiful and colorful doodle. It is common seen that Google comes up with beautifully designed doodles on festvie days all around the world. This doodle for Dano Korean Festival  is also one among them.