Google Doodle Marks Croatia Independence Day 2014

Croatian Independence Day was marked with a Google Doodle today, on 8 October. In the homepage of Croatia you can see a doodle which includes symbols relates to Croatian National Anthem.

Croatia Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle
Croatia Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle(October 8, 2014)

Croatia celebrates their Independence Day on October 8 every year. This was the second time Google doodling for Croatia Independence Day. Vedran Klemens, guest artist is the Google logo designer for Independence Day Croatia. Doodle takes to search page for Independence Day Croatia.

Doodle for the day is designed with water color. Word Lijepa naša form alphabet ‘G’ in the doodle, it means Our Beautiful Homeland, the usage of words in National anthem inspired Vedran in design. Following alphabets in the doodle relates to deep blue sea, sunshine, mountains and plains. Altogether doodle for the day in very colorful, it cheers Croatians.

Vedran explains the challenge and idea behind the design of this Independence Day Google Doodle in official page for doodles. Croatian Independence became a complete reality on 1991 October 8. So every year grand functions are organized to mark the day. This year also similar celebrations are organized.

President of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic wished every citizen on Independence Eve and also presented decorations and awards. He also added about events leading to Independence in the speech.

Independence Day is a public holiday in Croatia. This years celebrations have already started. Coming together with friends and family, Croatians celebrate the day.Fire works, parades, displays of Independence movements, dance, music and party, every thing makes up celebration of the day.

Happy Independence Day Croatia.