Cricket World Cup 2007 Google Doodle

World Cup season is just like a festival season all across the world. Whether it is football or cricket, all around the world we can see the impact of this. As the World Cup tournaments comes only after the intervals of 4 year this will be celebrated as the best time.

Cricket World Cup 2007 Google Doodle
Cricket World Cup 2007(March 11, 2007)

It was the Cricket World Cup which took place in the year 2007 on March. International cricket council are the organizers of this one day international matches.  West Indies was the country which hosted the tournament. There was a participation of 16 teams in the tournament. Prominent among the teams which took part in the World Cup of 2007 is Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and so on.

Google also welcomed the cricket season with the Cricket World Cup 2007 Google Doodle on the homepage. The first match of the series was played in 13th March but Google cake up with a special doodle on the home page on 11th March to spread the spirit of World Cup. Doodle include the picture of batsman, ball and bat. Batsman was placed in the place of Google ‘o’ and it was just sketched as if he hit the Google letter ‘o’ and we can see this ‘o’ inside the letter ‘g’. This thought in designing gave a little comic look to the doodle. We can say this is a perfect cricket doodle.

All over the world cricket fans wait for this season with great interest. Once the World Cupbegins we can see people sitting in front of the television screen leaving their job and other important engagements. Hosting countries has to prepare a lot to conduct the matches. They have to take care of all the security issues and provide all the facilities to the team members.

Australian Team
Australian Team
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As there is a participation from 16 teams for the match the series takes place in different steps. First of all the 16 teams will be divided in to a group of four and matches will take place in these groups. Then qualifying two teams from four groups will enter in to super 8. Then matches will occur between this super 8 teams to select the semifinalists and top four team will be selected as the qualifying team for semifinals.

In the semifinals the team with highest point will compete with the team with the lowest point and the team with second highest point will compete with the team in third positions and the winners of this matches will be the finalists of World Cup. In the year 2007 the finalists of the series was Sri Lanka and Australia. There was a very tight competition between all those countries entered in the semifinal.

As we see in all the World Cup season there was a large flow of people from all around the world to West Indies to witness the cricket World Cup of 2007. Apart from matches and tight competitions the death of Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan coach in the hotel where the team stayed created a big controversy. It was just after the defeat of Pakistan team in the series he found dead.

Starting from 14th March World Cup continued till 28th April. The final match was played between Australia and Sri Lanka on that day in Kensington Oval, Bridge town. In that match Australia defeated Sri Lanka for 53 runs and became the world champions.