OK GLASS, CPRGlass, save a life with Google Glass

Time to time the wearable computing device Google Glass takes over major parts of our daily life. Now it shows off how it can redefine the medical field. New application from Christian Assad, MD helps you to save a life by commenting “OK GLASS, CPRGlass”.

CPRGlassNowadays developers work hardly for making out innovative applications for Google Glass. They try to expand the possibilities of this wearable computing device to all parts of our daily life. Now the new application called CPRGlass shows how Google Glass can change the medical education.

The new health application for Google Glass allows the users to perform CPR at right time. The effort for creating circulation of blood sometimes can save a life. This application for Google Glass helps the users take right action with right instructions.

How CPRGlass works

  • A Google Glass users walking and he suddenly witness someone who gets syncope.
  • The user commands to the glass “OK GLASS, CPRGLASS”.
  • An instruction set on Access Airway Breathing and Circulation (ABC) will appears on the screen.
  • Now the users have to command like “OK Glass no pulse”.
  • It will detect the accurate pulse of that person using cameras.CPRGlass working

It helps the user to make sure about right number of compression to recover the person from unconscious stage. Also the application can tell if the patient regained the pulse if the user stops the compression in an intermediate stage.

Important characteristics of CPRGlass application

  • Once you start using the application staying alive music starts playing which guide you to make 100compression per minute.
  • The gyroscope gives right instructions about if the compression rates are adequate.
  • Will make texts to nearest hospital for help. Also inform about ongoing compression rate to make them more prepared.
  • Call 911 for help with using your GPS position.

CRPGlass will surely turns to be one of the best ever application within Google Glass. This kind of application can surely redefine the technology. We can hope even more innovative application for Google Glass that have ability to change our life.