Google celebrates 193rd Independence Day of Costa Rica with Doodle

Costa Rica is ready to celebrate its 193rd Independence Day. Today’s Google Doodle in Costa Rica add color to Independence Day celebration.

Costa Rica Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle
Costa Rica Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle(September 15, 2014)

Google Doodle for 2014 Independence Day of Costa Rica includes special dish prepared at center of it.Gallo Pinto is most common dish prepared in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. All letters other than alphabet ‘o’ is added with flag colors in doodle. Clicking on Google Doodle, you will get search result for Costa Rica Independence Day. Hovering the mouse pointer over doodle it writes Happy Independence Day Costa Rice. A small flag is also included in doodle.

Every year September 15th is celebrated with grant programs and functions to commemorate the Independence gained from Spain on the day in 1821.

Costa Rica Independence Day

Along with all Central American country, Independence was declared in Costa Rica from Spanish rule in 1821. Final defeat of Spain in Mexican War of Independence made the freedom dreams of central America a reality. First election took place in month of December and Juan Mora Fernandez elected to be Chief of State.

Independence Day celebrations is one among the most enjoyed occasion in Costa Rica. 15th September, the annual Independence Day celebration is a holiday. Though main events of Independence Day takes place on 15th, celebration begins on 14 September evening when reenactment of Costa Rica’s freedom takes place symbolically with freedom torch.

National Anthem is sung during official functions of the day. People enjoy day with full patriotic spirit, parades and public gatherings. National flag is seen every where on the day. Freedom of Torch is an important symbol of Independence in Costa Rica. Special dance is played by Children on the day, also there are special dishes prepared on the day to make the day sweet.

Happy Independence Day Costa Rica.