Google rolled out conversational voice search in chrome browser 27.0

Google voice search is one of the best service provided by the search giant. Now in Chrome version 27.0 conversational voice search is possible. That means now you can talk to your pc and laptops and get replies just as you talk to your friend. This new search scheme can recognize words like “it, he, she, they so on” and give result for what you search by analyzing what you have searched before.

conversational voice search in chrome browser 27.0conversational voice search in chrome browser 27.0

The latest conversational voice search is available in Google chrome version 27.0. If you have not updated your older chrome version do it now. To update the chrome follow the step given below.

Steps to update Chrome

  • Click on the chrome browser option on the right side of the tool bar.
  • Take the option ‘About Google Chrome’ from the drop down menu
  • Current version will be seen just down the heading Google Chrome
  • Chrome automatically check for the update and update it when new version available
  • Click on relaunch option
  • Yes, your chrome is updated

Google Chrome is up to dateTo get your conversational voice search ON

  • Click on the microphone option inside the search bar
  • A new web page will be open asking whether to allow or deny voice search.
  • Click on the option allow
  • Your conversational voice search is ready on your system

Google conversational voice search listeningHow to search using conversational voice search

  • Click on the search by voice option that you see on Google search bar
  • In a new webpage you will get speak now option
  • You can directly ask your query(ex: What is the birth place of Albert Einstein)
  • In the case of conversational voice search you can ask your second related question with out repeating unwanted words or phrases(ex:What is his first invention)
  • Your answer will be in front of you with in few secondsGoogle voie search

Google voice search was known to us from long time. It’s the efficient search which makes the user search simple and gives the answer for normal language queries in a better way. The main reason for the efficiency of Google voice search is the knowledge graph and the language support of Google.

With this new updation that was introduced on Google IO 2013 user interaction with Google search became more and more simple. As its conversational voice search we can avoid repetitions to a large extend as it automatically determines by analyzing the previous searches about what you are searching for.