Control your smartphone via eye movements with TheEyeTribe

A group of PhD students from Denmark developed a new software that allows you to control your Smartphone with your sight, Yes, you can control your smartphone via eye movements with TheEyeTribe.
control your smartphone via eye movement with TheEyeTribe

The software is developed by a Denmark company which is founded by four PhD students in 2011. With TheEyeTribe  application focusing onto perform the basic Smartphone control through just looking at the screen. The concept behind this software is infrared light reflected from the pupil of eye. A Smartphone or tablet that is featured with TheEyeTribe software recorded these rays with the camera and perform some kind of functions.

With TheEyeTribe you can scroll and select the desired thing. The main advantage of this software will be seen in E-readers because it helps to turn the pages with just looking at the bottom of the page. It is also very helpful in accessing applications and playing off games.

TheEyeTribe is working out behind the fact that the infrared rays coming out from the pupil in each time implies for some kind of action. The device manufactures who are aiming for this software have to consider about infrared unit in their device camera. The developer of the software aims for the popular tablet and smart phone manufactures to run with their TheEyeTribe software.