Make confident Lumia 1020 shots with camera grip

The 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 is turns to the completeness of mobile camera experience. To provide complete shooting experience Nokia also recommended a camera grip accessory for the phone. So make confident Lumia 1020 shots with camera grip.

Lumia 1020 camera gripThe camera grip for Nokia Lumia 1020 is an accessory to bring together ergonomics of a SLR with revolutionary smartphone camera. With camera grip Lumia 1020 provides complete experience of an advanced digital camera. In other words it an accessory that provided to take off the uncomfortability that feels while we making phone photography.

The camera grip for Lumia 1020 perfectly fit with the handset. As reported Nokia Lumia 1020 has much slimmer structure than that of Lumia 925. So it makes some complexity while making photography. That is we won’t get a perfect grip with the phone to shoot some sceneries. The camera grip for Lumia 1020 provides better handling for this Smartphone. Mainly to make single handed photography.

With the camera grip for Lumia 1020 you don’t have to be worry about the charge condition. The built in rechargeable battery within the Lumia 1020 camera grip provides 55 minute more shooting time for the users. It have a 1020mAh battery. It have a power level indicator to get right updates about battery level. The camera grip can be rechargeable through grip

It is perfectly suit with any standard camera tripod. It makes easier to make photography by hold on with perfect position. Also it allows the users to make perfect long exposure shots. It is thinks to be this accessory will comes along with Lumia 1020 later in this month.