How to completely disable wallpaper motion in iOS 7.1

The fresh flat look of iOS 7 impressed every Apple users, but not all features. The parallax wallpapers sometimes becomes very irritating one, also misses option for turning it off. Through new iOS 7.1 updation Apple let you to disable or enable parallax wallpaper at your wish.

completely disable wallpaper motion in iOS 7.1

First of all you have to update your iDevices with new iOS 7.1. It brings few new features including bug fixes.

Turn off wallpaper motion in iOS 7.1

  • Goto settings from your device.
  • Click Wallpapers and brightness.
  • Tap on the current wallpaper you set on the device.setting
  • Turn perspective zoom off.parallax wallpaper
  • Hit on the option ‘set’.

Once you select the current wallpaper you can see the preview of perspective zooming. For some wallpapers the automatic motions seems to be good. In such cases you can turn on perspective zooming by following same steps and set parallax motion in active mode.

Top image credit : Apple